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44 North Acquisition Marks a Strategic Milestone for GIANT Creative


London, ON — November 7, 2023 — GIANT Creative proudly announces its acquisition of 44 North Digital Marketing, marking the inception of a transformed GIANT. This powerful union has given rise to a new GIANT, positioned to redefine the future of marketing and strategy.

With a shared vision, GIANT now operates as a comprehensive agency, specializing in six core solutions: performance marketing, omni-channel marketing, lead generation, strategy and creative, and data and analytics. Our focus is unwavering, aiming to provide the highest level of expertise and innovation in these fields.

Our clientele now spans three dynamic verticals: franchises, non-profit organization, and B2C businesses. This expansion allows us to bring our unique blend of expertise to a broader spectrum of industries, enhancing our ability to create tailored solutions and drive unprecedented growth for our clients.

The merger of 44 North and GIANT is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-tier services and cultivating excellence in every facet of our work. We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey, bringing the best of both worlds to all of our clients.

Marty Menard, President and Chief Business Development Officer of GIANT Creative, shared his enthusiasm, stating, "The acquisition of 44 North Digital Marketing was a key strategic opportunity for GIANT Creative in accelerating our growth plan."

About GIANT Creative

Founded in 2020, GIANT Creative is a digital marketing agency located in London, Ontario, Canada that specialises in data-driven performance solutions designed to increase lead generation, customer acquisition, and audience engagement. Since its inception, it has worked with leading companies across North America to connect the dots between ideas, strategy and technology with the goal of delivering long-term, sustainable solutions. 



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