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In today's digital landscape, content is king—but not just any content. The kind that resonates across all platforms, tailored to meet the unique demands and nuances of each medium, is what truly reigns supreme. This is where the COPE strategy—Create Once, Publish Everywhere—comes into play, a method that has proven indispensable in our work at GIANT Creative.

As the CMO of GIANT Creative, I've seen firsthand how a meticulously executed COPE strategy can transform a single creative effort into a diverse content arsenal. Take, for example, our campaign with McDonald's. We started with a single video and photo shoot, and from that, we produced a wide array of content tailored to various formats and platforms. From a long-form two-minute video to bite-sized versions for those with a shorter attention span—60 seconds, 30 seconds, 15 seconds, and even 6-second bumper ads. We didn't just stop at different lengths; we also reformatted these videos for different aspect ratios—16x9 for desktops and 9x16 for mobile users, ensuring our content was optimized for every viewing experience.

But COPE is not just about repackaging—it's about leveraging data to ensure that every piece of content, whether a video, a static social media ad, a trade show banner, or a print ad, resonates with the audience it's intended for. By analyzing how our McDonald's content performed across different platforms, we could make data-driven decisions to tweak our creative approach, target our demographics more precisely, and optimize our overall strategy.
Data is the compass that guides the COPE strategy. It tells us what our audience likes and dislikes, what they engage with, and what prompts them to take action. It's how we know that a certain narrative works well in an email campaign but needs to be adjusted for social media. It's why we can say with confidence that a particular image will be more effective in a print ad than on an Instagram post.

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At GIANT Creative, we believe that a data-driven COPE strategy doesn't restrict creativity; it enhances it. Data illuminates the path for our creativity to follow, ensuring that every creative decision—from the color palette to the call-to-action—is calculated and has the highest potential to engage and convert.
Our work with McDonald's is a testament to the power of COPE. We were able to stretch a single content creation event into a multi-platform, diverse campaign that touched all points of the customer journey. This not only maximizes the ROI for the content created but also ensures a consistent brand message across all consumer touchpoints.
COPE is more than a content strategy—it's a philosophy that embraces efficiency, consistency, and adaptability, with data as the foundation. It's about understanding that in the age of information overload, the right message needs to be delivered in the right format and the right platform to cut through the noise. And at GIANT Creative, we've mastered the art of doing just that.

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